Zeulab collaborates with Vicente Ferrer Foundation

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Zeulab has carried out a CSR campaign with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation during 2017. The campaign consisted in assigning 1€ to the Foundation for each Explorer kit sold in the last year. The entire amount was donated for improving the education quality in India, for children with cerebral palsy in Kuderu (the Foundation’s Centre in India).

Allergens management in the food industry II: Staff

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Good allergens management is not possible without bearing in mind the staff, from the top official, the staff which produce the alimentary products, cleaners to the visitors. We must mainly take care of two aspects: an adequate training in allergens and a good hygiene.

PROTEON DUO MILK EXPRESS, the only rapid test that identifies the two main allergens in milk

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ZEULAB launchs PROTEON DUO MILK EXPRESS, an easy, rapid, and reliable test for dual detection of β-lactoglobulin and casein in foodstuff, rinse water and surfaces. Specially designed for the food industry and related businesses.

Main characteristics of the test:

  • Double rapid test: milk and its by-products detection in 10 min.
  • Versatile: valid for highly processed food.
  • Simple:no previous training or additional equipment are required
  • Economic: 2 detections with only one rapid dip-stick test.

alérgenos de la leche