Allergens management in the food industry II: Staff

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Good allergens management is not possible without bearing in mind the staff, from the top official, the staff which produce the alimentary products, cleaners to the visitors. We must mainly take care of two aspects: an adequate training in allergens and a good hygiene.

PROTEON DUO MILK EXPRESS, the only rapid test that identifies the two main allergens in milk

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ZEULAB launchs PROTEON DUO MILK EXPRESS, an easy, rapid, and reliable test for dual detection of β-lactoglobulin and casein in foodstuff, rinse water and surfaces. Specially designed for the food industry and related businesses.

Main characteristics of the test:

  • Double rapid test: milk and its by-products detection in 10 min.
  • Versatile: valid for highly processed food.
  • Simple:no previous training or additional equipment are required
  • Economic: 2 detections with only one rapid dip-stick test.

alérgenos de la leche

Advantages and disadvantages of the main analytical methods used in allergen management

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Analytical methods are needed for a correct management and control of potential allergen cross-contamination, as well as the reinforcement of the quality of the manufacturing and cleaning processes.

According to European regulation No 1169/2011, it is mandatory to report specific allergens present in a product.

Direct methods are recommended because they allow the detection of specific allergenic proteins, avoiding false positives, because they are able to distinguish accurately the presence of a particular allergen.

Management of allergens in food industry

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Food allergies are the exaggerated response of our immune system against the consumption, contact or inhalation of a food, its derivatives or an additive contained in the same. There is an increasingly important public health problem since its prevalence is increasing.

Management of allergens in the food industry is not a new system, but it is already an integral part of the food security control. An effective allergen management system should take into account all operations, from the supply of raw materials to production, handling or packaging.