The simplest and least time consuming method to test antibiotic residues in food

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e-Reader the innovative system that runs antibiotic analysis for you. A multi-residues analysis that detects more than 30 substances in a single assay complying with EU MRLs. e-Reader works with microbial tests (Eclipse or Explorer) where the assay is automatically carried out. So, it guarantees the best assay performance and saves the user’s time.


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Algal blooms in freshwater lakes

Cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) are unicellular prokaryotes that thrive mainly in freshwater lakes. Being autotroph organisms they accomplish oxygenic photosynthesis playing a significant role in the food chain of several ecosystems. However, under certain circumstances (eutrophication, climatic change, etc.), they can grow and lead to uncontrolled blooms.