Demonstration of OkaTest for Okadaic Acid-Toxins at Quasimeme Workshop

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  Laboratories from Spain, Croatia, Namibia or Neatherlands met last 14th -15th of June at the Marine Institute (Ireland) in a whorkshop about “Analysis of Marine Biotoxins”. Experts on the subject such as Dr. Arjen Gerssen, from The Netherlands NRL (National Reference Laboratory) or Dr.Begoña Ben-Gigirey, from the EURLMB (European Reference Laboratory for Marine Biotoxins) talked about PSP and lipophilic toxins testing. Dr. Elena Domínguez from ZEU-INMUNOTEC offered a lab demonstration on the phosphatase inhibition assay-OkaTest– for quantitative determination of OA-toxins in bivalve molluscs. Participants had the opportunity to see the simplicity of an assay that can be implemented for official OA testing, combined with LC-MS or HPLC, or end products according to the EC No. 15/2011. Other lab sessions on lipophilic and PSP toxins completed the OkaTest demonstration as part of this workshop. Oral presentations and lab demonstrations involved active participation of attendees. Lab experiences and procedures were shared, giving participants different views that will allow them improving their current methodologies.