Marine and Freshwater Toxins Analysis: Fourth Joint Symposium AOAC Task Force Meeting 2013

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As in previous editions in Baiona (Spain) Zeulab attended to the Marine and Freshwater Toxins Analysis: Fourth Joint Symposium and AOAC Task Force Meeting, last May 5-9, 2013. The symposium update issues on the field of the analysis of Marine and Freshwater toxins, with special focus on new method developments, method validation efforts, and method implementation, as a joint meeting with the AOAC Task Force on Marine and Freshwater Toxins. Zeulab presented a poster showing different options to implement the PP2A method, OkaTest, for lipophilic toxins monitoring complying with the legal requirements. OkaTest could be used in routine monitoring determining OA-toxins group while LC-MS test for YTX, PTX and AZA. This would reduce the injections by half and so the turnaround time. OkaTest can also be implemented when a OA-bloom has been identified. Labs with large number of samples or limited access to LC-MS equipment could benefit from using both methodologies in combination. A shorter time-around time and low cost per sample could be achieved implementing both methods for routine monitoring of lipophilic toxins. This international symposium brought together experts in the field of biotoxins, from many European countries and other worldwide locations such as Mexico, USA, Canada, Japan, are some of the countries that participated in the symposium. poster ZEU OKatest + LS-MS