Indian Government sounded the alarm over adulterated milk in India.

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The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India assessed a milk analysis over 33 states founding nearly 70% of milk samples were contaminated. The survey showed fraudulent manipulation since diluting milk in water from adding skimmed milk powder, glucose, hydrogen peroxide or detergent. In one hand, water addition reduces milk nutritional value and, even, can cause additional health problems if water is contaminated. On the other hand, milk adulterants detected produce hazardous health effects.  Detergent can cause food poisoning.  Other contaminants as urea or sodium carbonate cause gastroenteritis as immediate effect, but long term effects are more serious. India is not the only country where milk is adulterated; China, Peru and Ecuador also have been suffering these frauds. ZEU Inmunotec, a Spanish biotechnology company, believes that milk and its derivatives have high nutritional value. Therefore milk quality should be carefully controlled. To achieve this goal ZEU Inmunotec offers a wide variety of kits to perform different tests: screening of antibiotic in milk (Eclipse 3GEclipse Farm 3GEclipse 50 and EQUINOX), rapid inmunoenzimatic tests for identification of milk species (IC caprinebovine and RC bovinecaprine) and inmunoenzimatic tests for detecting addition of calostrum to milk (Calokit-cowsheep and goat). Fuentes: BBC News and The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India