ZEULAB Collaborates with the Food Bank

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Zeulab has collaborated with the Food Bank after finishing the social campaign that took place during 2013.  Zeulab has donated 1% of Explorer 2.0 to the Food Bank, helping people to have access to food every day.

Last February CEO Dr. Pedro Razquin gave out the donation to Mr. José Ignacio Alfaro Director of the Food Bank from Zaragoza.

Zeulab wants to thank you all that helped us to collaborate with this cause and we invite you to keep cooperating with us in future campaigns in where Zeulab will be taking part of.

For more information about how to donate in Spain and in Europe please contact Food Bank from Zaragoza, Spanish Federation of food Banks and European Federation of Food Banks.

food bank + zeulab donation explorer 2.0

The PP2A test- OKATEST- suggested as the screening test of choice for Washington State monitoring program.

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A recent study at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center has evaluated the application of screening assays for determination of DST (diarrhetic shellish toxins) in shellfish. A lateral flow test, ELISA and PP2A tests were evaluated and compared with the standard regulatory LC-MS/MS (Eberhart et al, Marine Drugs, 2013). The LC-MS/MS is the reference method for detection of lipophilic toxins since 2011 in the European Union and has been used for public health protection in the State of Washington since 2012. This methodology is expensive, time consuming and requires qualified personal. Eberhart B-T et al. identified the need of rapid and simple methods to perform at remote sites allowing growers to test a pre-harvest shellfish samples to prevent harvesting toxic product. The study suggests that PP2A (OKATEST) may provide a safety buffer for the harvest of large amount of shellfish prior to confirmatory LC-MS/MS. The combination of this rapid methodology with phytoplankton monitoring and LC-MS/MS testing could be a useful tool to maintain open status of shellfish beds.  

ZEULAB attended the AOAC 127th annual meeting in Chicago

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Last August 25th ZEULAB attended the AOAC 127th annual meeting in Chicago Illinois. ZEULAB has been attending at this meeting as an exhibitor for the last 3 years, in which there are visitors from all over the world. AOAC offers scientific sessions, roundtables, workshops, and poster presentations to meet a variety of analytical needs. Also brings science-based research from the top scientists in the world, technical information about changes and advances in methodology and access to techniques and applications. AOAC provides a wide range of interactions between industry, government, and academia and hosts a number of special events to provide the venue to meet with other members. ZEULAB presented two posters: Explorer 2.0: a new multi matrix screening test for the analysis of antimicrobial residues in offal (liver and kidney), eggs and feed. Also came up with a new device, e-reader an innovative incubator and reader for the detection of antibiotics in milk. ZEULAB also attended to several scientific sessions, roundtables, workshops and met with other AOAC members. Next year ZEULAB will be exhibiting at the 128th AOAC annual meeting in Boca Raton, Florida. See you in Florida!

Explorer 2.0 and the Food Bank

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Nowadays we are living hard times of global crisis so we must show solidarity and help each other. In ZEU we are aware of this, consequently we support a welfare initiative in which we encourage our customers to cooperate with us. ZEU a company committed with food safety will donate 1% of Explorer 2.0 sales to the Food Bank. Every time you test with Explorer 2.0 you are helping the Food Bank cause. Because everyone deserves to have food every day.

For more information: info@zeulab.com

Marine and Freshwater Toxins Analysis: Fourth Joint Symposium AOAC Task Force Meeting 2013

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As in previous editions in Baiona (Spain) Zeulab attended to the Marine and Freshwater Toxins Analysis: Fourth Joint Symposium and AOAC Task Force Meeting, last May 5-9, 2013. The symposium update issues on the field of the analysis of Marine and Freshwater toxins, with special focus on new method developments, method validation efforts, and method implementation, as a joint meeting with the AOAC Task Force on Marine and Freshwater Toxins. Zeulab presented a poster showing different options to implement the PP2A method, OkaTest, for lipophilic toxins monitoring complying with the legal requirements. OkaTest could be used in routine monitoring determining OA-toxins group while LC-MS test for YTX, PTX and AZA. This would reduce the injections by half and so the turnaround time. OkaTest can also be implemented when a OA-bloom has been identified. Labs with large number of samples or limited access to LC-MS equipment could benefit from using both methodologies in combination. A shorter time-around time and low cost per sample could be achieved implementing both methods for routine monitoring of lipophilic toxins. This international symposium brought together experts in the field of biotoxins, from many European countries and other worldwide locations such as Mexico, USA, Canada, Japan, are some of the countries that participated in the symposium. poster ZEU OKatest + LS-MS