The PP2A test- OKATEST- suggested as the screening test of choice for Washington State monitoring program.

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A recent study at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center has evaluated the application of screening assays for determination of DST (diarrhetic shellish toxins) in shellfish. A lateral flow test, ELISA and PP2A tests were evaluated and compared with the standard regulatory LC-MS/MS (Eberhart et al, Marine Drugs, 2013). The LC-MS/MS is the reference method for detection of lipophilic toxins since 2011 in the European Union and has been used for public health protection in the State of Washington since 2012. This methodology is expensive, time consuming and requires qualified personal. Eberhart B-T et al. identified the need of rapid and simple methods to perform at remote sites allowing growers to test a pre-harvest shellfish samples to prevent harvesting toxic product. The study suggests that PP2A (OKATEST) may provide a safety buffer for the harvest of large amount of shellfish prior to confirmatory LC-MS/MS. The combination of this rapid methodology with phytoplankton monitoring and LC-MS/MS testing could be a useful tool to maintain open status of shellfish beds.