ZEU INMUNOTEC First Distributor’s Meeting

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The First Distributor’s Meeting organized by ZEU INMUNOTEC took place in Barcelona last October.  Distributors from Asia, America and Europe attended the event. During the meeting, ZEU INMUNOTEC presented the last updates in detection of antibiotic residues tests. Discussions focused on Eclipse 3G, which is the official test in France for inhibitors residues in milk. Eclipse 3G is therefore used by all interprofessional labs, big dairy players and farmers. Technical aspects of the test as well as current actual market share and opportunities were looked into. The new Explorer 2.0 for detection of inhibitor residues in meat and other food matrices was introduced to all attendees during the meeting. Explorer 2.0 an easy-to-use test for screening of antibiotics residues is the perfect tool to ensure that meat products comply with antibiotics residues regulations. Explorer detects most used antibiotics groups at the European MRLs. Analytical trends in food allergens detection, latest developments in dairy adulterations or algae toxins analysis were also discussed. The meeting was characterized by its extensive audience participation, networking and communication. During the second day all distributors had the opportunity to  ​​make comments and suggestions in a roundtable discussion. Moreover, French and Greek distributors spoke about real cases of success referring to the peculiarities of their markets and commercial cooperation with ZEU INMUNOTEC. After the meeting, Barcelona Highlights were visited and all participants finished the day with a pleasant dinner in the Olympic port tasting some of the most typical dishes from the Mediterranean. ZEU- INMUNOTEC extends its appreciation to all attendees who travelled to Barcelona to be at the meeting and encourage them to continue working and collaborating with new ideas to offer new products and services.