PROTEON EXPRESS - Rapid test fot detection of allergens in food and working surfaces

proteon-express-detection-of-allergens-in-food-and-working-surfaces-zeulabFood allergies pose public health issues, so many countries (USA, Canada, Japan, EU, etc.) are approving new allergen laws on what information must be provided to consumers regarding the presence of allergens in food. All the food chain operators (industry, distribution, retail and the restaurant sector) must declare these allergen ingredients in foods.
The PROTEON EXPRESS allergen testing kits are rapid tests for the detection of allergens in food and on working surfaces. The kits offer qualitative results (positive/negative) in just a few minutes and neither qualified staff nor laboratory equipment are required. The tests can be carried out on a table. Due to their simplicity and rapidity, they are the perfect tool for controlling suppliers (commodities, semi-finished products, reprocessed products, etc.), for the verification of allergen management and Good Manufacturing Practices, for cross contamination controls (final product, working surfaces, etc.), for industrial production lines, retail food workshops and restaurant kitchens.

Detection of allergens in food and on working surfaces
        • Food and working surfaces analysis
        • Assay time: 10 min 


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Assay procedure

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