FS Incubator has been designed for tubes incubation at constant and accurate temperature.

fs incubator header

Weight: 600 mg

Electrical requiriment: 100-200 VAC, 12-24 V

After-sales service: 
For further information or any
service support, please contact
the manufacturer (ZEULAB) or
your local distributor

Assay method: 
Tubes of Eclipse and

Outer dimensions: 156x53x89 mm

incubador fs incubador laboratorio zeulab eclipse


Be aware that the inside of the
incubator can reach very high
temperatures during heating
and 30 minutes after it has been
turned off

Incubation position: 18

Preheating time (65ºC): 
20 min

Working temperature: 
From 40 to 65ºC