CALOKIT BOVINO/CAPRINO/OVINO - Detection and quantification of IgG in milk

The addition of colostrum to milk can produce technological problems in the cheese making process and alter the final sensory cheese properties. Moreover, commercialization of colostrum is forbidden in some countries.


Presence of whey proteins in milk causes several technological problems. Whey protein concentration in colostrum is from 50 to 100 times higher than in milk.It has been proved that IgG is the best colostrum marker in milk because of the thermolability and inhibitory properties. The effect of mixing 1 litre of colostrum with 100 litres of milk of a tank increase
IgG concentration in milk twice as much. Some advantages of using Calokit tests are the prevention of soluble proteins in heat transfer or improvement of cheese yields. Calokit tests are ELISA assays for IgG quantification in cow, goat and sheep milk.

Detection and quantification of IgG in milk
    • Sensitive (LOD): calokit-oveja

      Calokit bovino 0.7 μg/ml
      Calokit caprino 1 μg/ml
      Calokit ovino 1.4 μg/ml

    • Specific: detects specific IgG of bovine, caprine and ovine species
    • Suitable for: milk
    • Assay time: 90 min
    • Equipment: ELISA reader 450nm


Assay procedure