microlabs Listeria and Salmonella test in a simple an 100% safe device


¿Would you like to perform pathogen analysis,but you DONT have a laboratory or qualified personnel?

Do you want to analyze pathogens in your facilities WITHOUT risk of contamination?

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MicroLab integrates all the steps of analysis into a single disposable device in order to facilitate and expedite the results for the self-control and minimize losses in relation to contamination.


Easy Safe

Without laboratory

  • Enrichment and detection in the same device.
  • Procedure in 3 simple steps.
  • Visual interpretation of the result.
  • Easy to be performed by any operator.
  • The whole assay in a single device, without transfer of sample between the different stages of the assay.
  • Hermetically sealed device, without leaks or risks of contamination with positive samples.
  • Sample inactivated at the end of the test. 
  •  Test is carried out in a 37 ° C oven.
  • without personnel or laboratory equipment.
  • Aseptic conditions or sterility are not required.



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1. Enrichment

Place the sample, close and incubate for 24/48 hours (Salmonella or Listeria)

2. Testing

Read the result after 15 minutes in a visual way

3. Inactivation

Inactivate and dispose it as a solid urban waste


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MicroLab allows:


Detect the presence of Salmonella or Listeria in any production plant and by any operator.


Eliminate risks of contamination derived from the test.


Release the product up to 40% faster and reduce storage costs.


Perform self-control guaranteeing the safety of your product and your reputation.


Minimize production losses caused by pollution.