EQUINOX - Detection of quinolones in foods

Quinolones are used for prevention and treatment of animals having bacterial infections (gastrointestinal, urinary or respiratory). Residues of quinolones will occur in foods from treated animals, so the procedure for using these antibiotics should be strictly observed to prevent contaminated foods reaching the consumer. Foods are examined for quinolone residues because they pose a hazard to consumers, possibly causing allergic reactions and the development of bacterial resistance.

The concentration of quinolones residues in foods cannot reach levels above the Maximum of Residue Levels (MRL) according to the European legislation (Comission Regulation EU nº 37/2010)


EQUINOX is based on the inhibition of E. coli bacteria, wich is an organism specially sensitive to quinolones. Regarding traditional microbiological technique, EQUINOX has the clear advantage of saving time and efforts in medium preparation as well as improving result interpretation

Qualitative test for detection of quinolones in foods
    • Sensitive: complying with EU MRLs equinox 2
    • Qualitative: detection of quinolones
    • Reading: visual or photometrical (590 and 650 nm)
    • Suitable for:raw meat, milk and eggs




Assay procedure