Beta Scan & IRIS - Automatic test for detection of beta lactams in milk

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Beta Scan & IRIS 

Automatic test for detection of beta lactams in milk.



Testing with Beta Scan & IRIS

Beta Scan & IRIS is a complete solution that can be used by any person (with or without technical training) and provide results information in real-time anywhere you are.

Thanks to the Test4all platform, the analysis is controlled from a smartphone and results are safely stored.

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Step 1:

Add 100μL of sample in the cassette and start the test.

Step 2:

Check the result in the app.

Add a drop of milk and get the result on your smartphone



MRL (µg/L) LOD (µg/L)
Penicilin G 4 2
Amoxicilin 4 3
Ampicilin 4 3
Cloxacilin 30 5
Oxacilin 30 5
Cefoperazon 50 5
Cefquinome 20 10
Nafciline 30 15
Cephapirin 60 8
Cephalexin 100 >600
Cefalonium 20 4
Ceftiofur 100 100

Limits of detection (μg/L, ppb) in cow milk


Beta Scan & IRIS features:

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For specific antibiotic groups Testing: Beta lactams

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Results: Numerical and qualitative results (neg/pos) displayed on your smart devices or your computer.

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Easy to use: Add a drop of milk and check result.

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Quick: Results in 6 minutes

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Traceability: Data logging: date, assay ID, sample ID, batch number.

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Connecting Device-Smartphone: remote access to your results.

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Portable Battery life: 4 hours.


Automatic: Automatic stop and interpretation of results.