About Us

About us

We are a Spanish biotechnology company specialized in the development, production and commercialization of in vitro diagnostic tests for food and environmental applications.

Born in 1995 as a spin-off project from the University of Zaragoza with one vision: becoming an international company that develops innovative products for the global market.

Nowadays our market is the world, our kits are commercialized in over 40 countries through partnerships with qualified distributors. We export more than the 70% of our production in America, Asia and Europe.

Our activity focuses on 3 main pillars: INNOVATION, QUALITY AND SERVICE.


innovative sme 2018 zeulabWe invest one third of our profits on research and development of new diagnostic products with the aim of providing innovative analytical solutions to our customers.

In all these years of experience we have invested in a variety of technologies for the design of immunochemical tests, enzymatic, molecular and microbiological processes, creating a know-how that give us a high value.

We are leaders in the production and generation of tests for detection of antibiotic residues in food, detection of milk fraud, food allergens, detection of pathogens, among others. We have also an exclusive line of tests to detect toxins in water and food.

Our products have been internationally validated and, in some cases recognized as an alternative official method.


ISO 9001

All our processes of development, production and commercialization are certified with ISO 9001.

The production of our high technology products involve having modern facilities and equipment adapted to all processes.

Our products are checked under a strict quality control, always maintaining production standards to ensure maximum reproducibility and tracking processes.

See ZEULAB's Quality Policy


Our sales team is highly qualified and provides to our customers the necessary technical support for the implementation of new technologies in their laboratories, validations, trainings and after-sales support to both our distributors and customers.

Our tests are meant for Food Industry laboratories, Food and Environment Control Laboratories, and Official Laboratories.