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Working together

to make food safer

Biotechnology company committed to use the latest technologies to develop effective solutions for helping our customers to assure food safety

Food control for all

We believe Industry 4.0 technologies in combination with biotechnology will change the paradigm of food analysis. On-site and in real-time food controls available to all food professionals could make that happen. ZEULAB is committed to lead this change helping food operators to implement these solutions in a simple and affordable way.





Making Testing Easier

Our staff´s creativity focuses on developing friendly, easy-to-use, automatic, ready-to-use and specific analysis solutions. In many cases they are integrated with our smartphone. So, information can be shared and accessible. Thanks to all this, we can save time, gain flexibility and increase control in our processes.

Solutions for every need

Our new analysis systems are designed to answer all client’s needs. We have a solution for each person and company. Therefore, we have developed a specific range of tests for analysis of antibiotics, allergens, pathogens, toxins, adulterations, etc. These tests can be combined with small automatic measuring devices and with real-time connectivity. Besides, they can be integrated in laboratory analysis platforms for high sample throughputs.

Smart solutions using the latest Technologies

We invest a third of our activity in R&D. Our background is supported by a long experience in the market and a highly qualified team of people with long experience in various disciplines.
Differents R&D projects granted by the EU Commission and the Spanish Government demonstrate the competitiveness of our ideas. Our close cooperation with many Research Centres accelerates our knowledge in food safety.

Quality, the base for our products confidence

We have developed exclusive “know-how” and designed specific production lines to manufacture our in vitro diagnostic tests. We produce our antibodies, enzymes, bacteria and reagents to manufacture more than 50 different kits and equipment.


Strict quality controls guarantee our tests performance.

We are in people business

Our qualified sales team is dedicated to help our customers looking for the best solutions.


Our technical assistance is rated 9/10 by our customers.

We collaborate for food operators all over the world

We export to more than 40 countries.


Our market position helps us to identify customers’ needs.