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Unwanted milk mixtures from different species, addition of whey or colostrum are some adulterations found in dairy products. They do not only leads to a reduction in the quality of the final product, but also affect consumer trust or even constitutes economic fraud.


The type of milk used to make cheese provides organoleptic and textured properties that contribute to the quality and identity of the product. Besides, pure goat, sheep or buffalo milk cheeses, included in designations of origin (D.O.P), comply with specific regulations and follow strict checks. Verification of raw materials used in dairy production is therefore essential not only to achieve high quality products but also to avoid unnecessary risks. IC tests allow any operator to verify milk purity in a few minutes upon arrival at the plant or before the cheese is made.


In addition, the IC Quanti or RC tests will help to know the percentage of milk mixture and so, to manage your raw material properly. With our GMP and Calokit solutions you can verify the absence of whey or colostrum in your laboratory, avoiding legal consequences derived from fraudulent use.

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