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In order to ensure a good state of health and well-being of our animals it is important to know what their real situation is at each moment. This information will also help to improve farms management and optimize productivity. Through the use of biomarkers it is possible to assess the level of stress of the animal, detect subclinical disease, follow disease progression and determine if the treatments applied are effective. Biomarkers such as acute phase proteins are a quantitative, objective and easy to determine indicator of animal health and welfare that, being based on an analysis, is not subjected to the subjectivity of the observer.

Biomarkers for livestock and meat industry:

Through the use of biomarkers it is possible to have a better control of animal health and welfare throughout the production chain. This helps to improve production processes, and consequently the quality of products and the guarantees for the consumer. Biomarkers are a useful tool in quality of production systems, biosecurity control, or animal welfare certification programs.

Biomarkers for veterinary diagnosis:

Acute phase proteins help in the diagnosis and monitoring of inflammatory and infectious diseases. High levels of these biomarkers are always indicative of a health problem which can sometimes go unnoticed. They are very sensitive markers and proportional to the degree of affection of the animal. They reflect the evolution of the disease and allow determining if the animal responds to the treatments.

Biomarkers for the laboratory:

The specificity and reproducibility of analytical methods, their traceability and speed of processing are essential for the laboratory. Through the Acuvet tests, the laboratory will have methods specific for each species, robust, well validated and traceable to international standards if they are available. Our Turbovet tests allow automation of the assay using a clinical chemistry analyzer. The results are obtained in a few minutes, with a very high precision and reproducibility. Acuvet also has the classic ELISA methods for laboratories that do not have an analyzer or require a highly sensitive method.

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