Cristian Razquin

Eclipse Farm4G & Comet approved by the Belgium Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (AFSCA-FAVV)

The Eclipse Farm 4G & Comet4 solution allows automatic screening of a broad range of antibiotics in raw cow milk. Results are sent and shared in real time and are available in the cloud at any time.

Eclipse4G & Comet4 complies with the Belgium criteria for microbiological tests for screening of antibiotics (AFSCA-FAVV list in Annex4) and can be used for self-control by farmers and for confirmation by dairies and milk control stations.Besides, the system has been approved by the AOAC-RI Performance Tested Methods (PTM) (PTM License Number 022101).

Eclipse Farm4G & Comet4 help farmers to run daily checks of antibiotics reducing the time needed for the assay and avoiding mistakes due to mis- interpretated results .

Eclipse & COMET4 allow any operator to perform the analysis, receive and share the results in real time wherever they are.