Turbovet Pig CRP

Quantify pig CRP automatically, with high precision and in a few minutes: all the advantages of a turbidimetric method with the reliability that gives a species-specific test. Testing C-reactive protein you will be able to assess the level of stress of the animal, quantify inflammatory processes and obtain a quantitative measure of animal welfare.


Do you want to have a quantitative indicator of animal welfare that is objective and easy to determine?
Do you want to detect subclinical disease or evaluate if the treatments applied to the animals are effective?
Do you want to quantify the degree of inflammation in the animal?
Do you want to determine the level of C-reactive protein in a trial with confidence, using a fast, robust, automated and very precise method?




Turbovet pig CRP is the first method on the market for the analysis of CRP in pigs by turbidimetry. The combination of this biomarker and pig-MAP has a high sensitivity in the detection of infectious or inflammatory processes in the farm, even subclinical. With the Turbovet method the assay is carried out automatically, without prior manipulation of the sample, and with a very high precision and reproducibility, making it an ideal tool for production quality control systems or animal welfare certification programs. Being a method specific for pigs provides you reliability in your measures, and is also an ideal tool to quantify this biomarker in translational studies using the pig as a model.




1. Load sample:

Insert samples into the analyzer.

2. Assay:

Addition of R1, sample and R2, and first reading

Incubation for 5 minutes and second reading.

3. Results:

Read results on the analyzer.

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1. Dilution of the sample:

Apply sample/pattern. Incubation.

2. Conjugate:


3. Results:

Photometrical reading at 450nm


Particle-enhanced turbidimetric method: in the reaction media CRP from serum reacts with specific antibodies fixed to latex particles, forming aggregates that originate and increase of turbidity. The increase of turbidity is determined with a photometric measure, and is proportional to the concentration of CRP in the sample. The assay uses a calibrator specific for swine, and is standardized with an internal reference material, as no international standard for pig CRP exists.


  • Specific for swine
  • Working range: 0-110 mg/mL
  • Time of assay: 5 minutes
  • Reagents: ready to use and very stable
  • Automatic: can be adapted to any open clinical chemistry analyzer.
  • No interferences by hemoglobin (20g/L), bilirubin (0.150 g/L) or triglycerides (10 g/L)



Validated by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, following CLSI and SECQ guidelines.

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