In the last 20 years, the fishing sector has undergone a modernization and professionalization process, from an economic point of view, as well as an environmental and social one, which has made it a world benchmark due to its good practices and commitment to sustainability.

To maintain these standards, ZEULAB has developed a set of solutions to help food safety management.
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The presence of marine toxins is a recurring problem throughout the year. Continuous surveillance during these periods is the best tool for a safe production management. Thanks to ZEULAB’s specific tests, it is possible to analyse the presence of the main toxins in molluscs in the industry, using simple laboratory methods.
Microbiological contamination of fish and shellfish may have its origin on the freshly caught product, as a consequence of contamination by wastewater exogenous to the fish or by incorrect handling of the product. On-site self-control of pathogens such as Salmonella or Listeria can be a great benefit by saving time in waiting for results as well as enabling a quick response to potential problems. Microlab is a 100% safe system that allows to analyse these pathogens in a very simple way.
Allergens can be a serious concern for many industries that manufacture different food products in the same premises. The exhaustive control of surfaces and of the final product through simple rapid tests that can be carried out “on-site” are the best solution for a preventive management of these risks.

Water and Marine Toxins


The regular proliferation of harmful algae leads to the presence of toxins in crustaceans and molluscs. The laboratories responsible for surveillance must carry out continuous monitoring, especially during periods of tides. ZEULAB’s ELISA or phosphatase tests are an appropriate tool for daily analyses of water and molluscs. Their flexible format and simple methodology make them suitable to different types of laboratories.
Allergen analyses require specificity and high sensitivity. ELISA methods designed by ZEULAB allow to quantify allergens with a very high sensitivity. These kits have been developed to analyse different matrices of the fisheries sector.
Laboratory analysis of pathogens can be approached using different techniques. In cases where an analysis of particular samples is required, away from the usual routines and with little availability of personnel, Microlab can be the alternative to make a simple and fast analysis.

Water and Marine Toxins

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Water and Marine Toxins

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