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Responsible use of antibiotics for treatment of diseases with bacterial origin is of great help for livestock, poultry and fish farms. Good antibiotics management during and after treatment is essential to avoid unwanted food residues. The availability of analytical tools to monitor live treated animals or a simple test in food can be of great help to ensuring their safety.

Solutions for farmers and food industry:

Being able to analyze that treated animals are free of antibiotics at the end of the withdrawal period will confirm good practices and so that animals can be taken to the slaughterhouse without risk. Checks can also be carried out in live animal upon arrival of the slaughterhouse to anticipate possible problems in meat. Tests on meat after slaughtering can also help to guarantee quality of the final product.
Meat processing industries, egg producers, fishing and canning sectors can analyze the presence of antibiotic residues in a wide variety of matrices to assure the absence of these residues.
Thanks to the solutions developed by ZEULAB, today it is possible to carry out a simple automatic detection test of more than 50 antibiotics in a wide variety of matrices. Or also a quick test in few minutes for the specific detection of groups of antibiotics.

Test4all for the laboratory:

Reproducibility, specificity, traceability and fast turnaround time are key for a laboratory. There are more than 50 antibiotic substances authorised for animal use, with a wide variety in their chemical structure. Consequently, it is important to have specific tests for these analytes together with equipment designed to perform the assay and interpretation automatically. In this way, all results can be numerically interpreted, stored and easily shared.

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