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We are a Spanish biotechnology company specializing in the development of analytical solutions for food and water safety. Our products are designed to help our customers with simpler and faster testing. Therefore, we contribute to society by providing tools to make safe and high quality food and water.


The Management believes that the quality is essential for the company’s success and so each person in the organization is key to accomplish this objective. The company’s commitment to Quality is shown with the implementation of our Quality Management System, based on the ISO 9001 standard. Consequently, ZEULAB is engaged to identify and comply with all the legal requirements.


The following values are essential to achieve the best quality standards in our work and to maintain high business competitiveness:

  • Our work must be done with passion and ambition and must be guided by respect for people, honesty and responsibility.
  • All our projects and actions must be led to pursue excellence in a sustainable way.
  • We trust in creativity and the engagement of everyone in the organization as the base to develop innovative projects that satisfy our customers’ needs.


The Management is committed to keep fluent and up to date communication. So, our team is aligned with the quality policy, objectives and values of the company. Therefore, our collaboration and participation as a whole will contribute to a continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.



Date: April 19, 2018