Innovative solutions for industry challenges There is a clear trend in the demand for lower calorie, allergen-free, "healthy" beverages, such as multi-variety infusions, specialty coffees, etc. The consumer is increasingly demanding in the choice of drinks that provide experiences and they are safe, healthy and sustainable. In many cases, this means that the manufacturer must intensify controls. Resources and time are limited and therefore having simple and quick tests is essential to offer a product that meets customer expectations.
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25,000 litres

A milk tank contaminated with just 1 treated cow

€ 5,000

Incineration costs of 8 tons of milk

1 test

can save all your daily production

Solutions designed for food industry

Our solutions are designed so that any industry can control allergen cross-contamination with a simple 10 minutes analysis, both on the production line and in the final product.


Mycotoxins can appear in crops (cereals, nuts, spices, oilseeds, etc.) and processed foods (Wine, coffee, cocoa, beer, juices, etc.). Running quick checks for mycotoxins such as, total Aflatoxins, Ochratoxin A, etc. with our tests, it allows to make fast and safe decisions that can save many costs and avoid unnecessary risks.


The control of pathogens, in packaging machine cleaning waters, as well as in the final product and surfaces is a critical point in many manufacturing processes. These analyzes should not be limited exclusively to having qualified laboratory means. Today, thanks to a single-use, ready-to-use device, the industry can perform plant self-monitoring easily and with zero risk.


Zeulab tests help you to make quick decisions and minimize losses when finding positive results.

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Our solutions for the Beverage Sector


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