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Antibiotics Dairy Sector

Milk testing: Analyse where you need and share the results in real time


Antibiotic treatment of animals with health problems is of great help to improve farm´s productivity. Good management practices are essential to avoid unwanted milk residues that can contaminate the milk tank at the farm or even the silo at the factory. Failure during this process can have serious consequences for all parties involved, which could lead to economic losses and legal penalties.

Test4all at the farm and at the industry:

Anticipation to problems with a simple check at the production site, during transport or upon arrival at the plant is a benefit of a great value for decision makers. Thanks to the Test4all solution, today it is possible to carry out an automatic antibiotic test using a small, easy-to-use portable device that, connected to a Smartphone, will allow to have results in real time and share them with those who help to ensure that our milk is free of antibiotics.

Test4all for the laboratory:

Reproducibility, specificity, traceability and fast turnaround time are key for a laboratory. There are more than 50 antibiotic substances authorised for animal use, with a wide variety in their chemical structure. Consequently, it is important to have specific tests for these analytes together with equipment designed to perform the assay and interpretation automatically. In this way, all results can be numerically interpreted, stored and easily shared.

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