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Pedro Razquin is Owner and CEO at ZEULAB, he is also President of the biotechnology cluster of Aragon. Developing solutions for Food Security.

Benefits for dairies of DUPLEX&IRIS compared to old generation tests

A dairy industry can receive up to 40 tanks of milk per day. The control of antibiotics at the reception of the plant is a very critical moment, both due to the economic consequences and the management of contaminated milk. Moreover, the stress that can generate in responsible personnel (operators, quality manager, plant manager, etc.) who must make important decisions should not be underestimated.

When a tank gives a positive result, the alarms go off, the truck is blocked and a rapid process of evaluating the information begins to verify that:

  • The operator has not made an error when carrying out the test.
  • The visual interpretation of the results is correct.
  • Reagents or test equipment have not failed.


When using older generation tests the risks may be due to:

  • The user has not properly resuspended the lyophilized pink reagent with the pipette.
  • The user has not well controlled the 2 assay steps of 3 + 3 minutes, placing the test strip at the wrong time.
  • The visual interpretation was not clear.
  • The reagents and materials were difficult to handle due to their small dimensions.


Duplex&Iris solves all these problems:

  • The test is ready to use, with an easy-to-use and one-step format.
  • The test is automatic, it is not dependent on the qualification of the operator.
  • The interpretation is objective, numerical and independent of the person.
  • The results are shared in real time for evaluation by quality personnel.


The implementation of the new generation Duplex&Iris tests provides immediate and important benefits:

  • The credibility of the quality director will not be questioned because errors in analysis are minimized.
  • Staff stress due to the uncertainty about the reliability of the results will be considerably reduced.
  • The analysis information will be clear and easy to verify.


The cheapest price is not always the most cost-effective and beneficial solution. Minimizing daily problems due to errors can represent a great benefit and peace of mind for all the staff involved.

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