SAXITEST - Detection of saxitoxins in shellfish

domotest-smallBivalves molluscs can very efficiently accumulate toxins from the algae that they eat and their consumption can infect the consumers. There are different types of toxins found in shellfish, those producing Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning (PSP) are the ones contaminated with saxitoxins.


MICROCYSTEST KIT - Detection of microcystins in drinking and recreational water

MICROCYSTEST KITColorimetric protein phosphatase test for quantitative determination of microcystins and nodulatins in drinking and recreational water. Rapid enzimatic test for determination of microcystins and nodularins in drinking and recreational water samples.

Kit presented in 96-well microtiter plate, including 4 ready to use standards. Microtiter plate reader with a 405 nm filter is needed to carry out this assay.