Test4all, the control of antibiotics in milk from your smartphone or tablet

Technology has changed and improved our lives. Zeulab has developed a new system for antibiotics testing that allows to make quick providing decisions in real time. Providing a better management of milk and improvements in production processes.


Test4all is the new platform for antibiotics testing developed by Zeulab. This new platform allows dairy producers to test and monitor milk samples through automated systems and detect if the samples have antibiotic residues without needing to be near the devices that run the tests.

Test results are received by smartphone or Tablet notifications through Test4all APP. Data results are always immediately available and safe in the cloud.

Antibiotic residues from just one cow can contaminate a milk tank of 25,000 litres that will have to be destroyed. Test4all facilitating and extending antibiotic analysis to all operators and farmers will increase safety.  Test4all allows the industry and farmers early decisions and reduce economical losses in the event of positive results.

Test4all incorporates two new devices to run the assays, one for Eclipse tests, and the other one for rapid tests. Both devices are controlled through a smartphone app, connected to the Test4all-Cloud where data are saved and shared. Running the test, the user only has to add a drop of milk and check the result on the app. Thanks to its connectivity the user receives a notification from the platform when the test is finished without being near the device and results are automatically stored in the cloud.

The new test devices are portable and have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections so they can be used anywhere. In addition, for using Test4all no analytical skills are required, so anyone can test a milk sample and have the milk production under control. Test4all devices stop and provide results, offering objective information and eliminating results interpretation. Users can access to the app/online platform and check data devices, have your milk production under control and guarantee your milk quality anytime. The platform allows the access to data to different users.

The new testing systems developed by Zeulab have been designed answer to all of our customers needs. Zeulab has the right solution for everyone and every company. Therefore, the Spanish biotechnology company has developed the widest range of tests for antibiotics detection in milk.

Pedro Razquin

Pedro Razquin is Owner and CEO at ZEULAB, he is also President of the biotechnology cluster of Aragon. Developing solutions for Food Security.