Test4all: Antibiotics control by anyone, at anytime and anywhere

The daily management of milk production is an activity that involves the participation of many people, located in diverse places and with very limited time. Consequently, it is a system that requires a very high degree of organization so that all the steps of this process, from milking to processing in the plant, are well coordinated and carried out according to the established standards.

Access to real time information from different points of the dairy production chain can be of key importance, to make the right decisions in our daily work.

Antibiotics treatment of animals with health problems is of great benefit in farm productivity. It is however, very important to have good farm management to prevent undesirable residues that contaminate the farm´s tank or even the silo at the industry. The final consequences will be very serious for all parties involved.

Simple monitoring at the production site, during transport or on arrival at the plant, would allow to prevent contaminations representing a great benefit for the responsible people.

test4all-1Thanks to the Test4all solution, it is possible today to perform an automatic antibiotics test with a small and easy-to-use portable device that, connected to our Smartphone, allows to have results in real time and to share them with those who are helping to obtain antibiotic-free milk.

A farmer can analyse treated cows to prevent human error of contamination or confirm that the tank is ready for delivery before the truck arrives.

A truck driver can perform an automatic analysis in a few minutes on arriving at the farm before loading the milk or even perform the test during transport, because Test4all runs the test and sends the results in real time.

Upon arrival at the plant, a rapid test can be done where the results will automatically be available to the quality managers in the company system.  

In all these cases, the results can be shared in real time thanks to the mobile connectivity of the system and a cloud specifically designed for consulting information.

The multiple options of the Test4all system allow an adaptation to any type of company and user. This simple solution can even allow us to monitor other analytes such as Aflatoxin M1.

Contact us, and we will help you to find out all the benefits of Test4all for your company.

Pedro Razquin

Pedro Razquin is Owner and CEO at ZEULAB, he is also President of the biotechnology cluster of Aragon. Developing solutions for Food Security.