Zeulab collaborates with Action Against Hunger

At Zeulab we think that cooperation, solidarity and development must be the three pillars in our business philosophy. For this reason, for years, we have been collaborating with different NGOs transmitting our commitment to eradicate the inequalities and mobilize consciousness as well.

This year, the cooperation will take place with Action Against Hunger; NGOs that works fighting again the consequences and causes of malnutrition in over 40 countries. More than 5,000 humanitarian professionals share a vision: a world without hunger.

The vision of AAH is a world without hunger, because we are the first generation that can achieve this; moreover its goal is to save lives by erasing hunger through prevention, detection and treatment of malnutrition. In addition, since 2012 they also work in Spain on issues of entrepreneurship and employability.

Everything collected through this collaboration campaign will go to the general activity of Action Against Hunger, and its projects to combat child malnutrition, water and sanitation and income generation in more than 50 developing countries.

  • WATER: We aim to guarantee access to water and basic sanitation, which are both necessary for the life and development of communities
  • SANITATION: When faced with health risks, our aim focuses on reducing diseases related to poor water, hygiene and sanitation conditions
  • HYGIENE: Hygiene promotion is related to improved quality of life through awareness-raising campaigns
  • NUTRITION: Good nutrition is the foundation of human well-being and will contribute to improving problems associated with poverty, health, education, gender differences and employment.
  • HEALTH: We treat the conditions linked to malnutrition and prevent nutritional deterioration that could lead to illness.
  • FOOD SECURITY: The availability, access and consumption of nutritional food guarantees food security.
  • LIVELIHOOD: Our livelihood interventions aim to guarantee people’s dignity without having to depend on external aid.

From Zeulab we have been working and developing tests for the detection of antibiotics for many years and we know how important their correct use is. The detection of antibiotics as well as avoiding the abusive use of them can prevent serious harm of food, for both human and animal.

It should be noted that from the scientific and medical world is being denounced the risk posed to people and animals by the increasing inefficiency of some of the main antibiotics due to the development of antibiotics in the bacteria that cause the diseases.

So much so that the World Health Organization (WHO) considers this problem among the three most serious health risks that humanity must be fancing in the coming decades.

Our line of antibiotic detection allows the detection of inhibitory substances in various foods and matrices (milk, meat, liver, kidney, eggs or feed). The test is based on the inhibition of microbial growth and allows simple and rapid differentiation of samples containing antimicrobial residues above the detection limits of the test.

In the framework of our collaboration with Action Against Hunger, our commitment will be to donate part of the sales of the product lines for the detection of antibiotics: Explorer, Equinox, Eclipse and also e-Reader, thus combating our efforts to combat all situations of hunger that exist.

If you are interested in collaborating with Action Against Hunger, you can get in touch directly with the NGO or consult all intervention options on their website.

Santiago Mendoza

Marketing Manager at Zeulab. Passionate about marketing and communication.