FX Incubator has been designed for microplates and tubes incubation at constant and accurate temperature.

fx incubator equipment

Weight: 3,5 kg

Electrical requeriment: 220V

Working tempetarute: 
From room temperature to 75ºC

Be aware that the inside of the 
incubator can reach very high 
temperature during heating 
and 30 minutes after it has been 
turned off

FX incubator is under warranty 
for 12 months from the receip 
date. This does not cover any 
transport damage

Assay method: 
Tube and microtiter plate. 
Microcystest, Okatest, Eclipse 
and Explorer

Outer dimensions:
220x130x135 mm



After-sales service: 
For futher information or any 
service support, please contact 
the manufacturer (ZEULAB) or 
your local distributor

Calibration instructions: 
FX incubator is calibrated. 
The protocol for the conduct 
of this calibration is available 
upon request to ZEULAB

Clean the incubator on a regular 
basis. A smooth and wet cloth 
with washing powder is 
recommended for cleaning. 
Do not use abrasive substances

Preheating time: 
30-60 minutes

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