E-READER - Novel system for antibiotics detection in food

E-READER is the simplest and less time-consuming method for antibiotics detection in food. A multi-residues analysis that detects more than 30 substances in a single assay and complies with EU MRLs. E-READER works with microbial tests (Eclipse or Explorer) where the assay is incubated at 65ºC, controls assay time and reads the results in an automated way. E-READER saves  time, allows the best test performance and avoid interpretation mistakes.






E-READER can be used with milk and meat samples. After easy (meat)  or none (milk) sample preparation, all you have to do is add the sample and check the results 3 hours later. E-READER carries out and ends the assay automatically. Numerical results are displayed on the screen and saved in an internal memory to assure traceability.

• Multi-residue analysis for detection of more than 30 substances in a single assay
•  Autonomous system that simplifies the test
•  Determines the optimal test endpoint with automatic stop
•  Interprets results and save data in memory
•  Complies with EU MRLs
•  Guarantees the best sensitivity
•  Adapted to farmers, slaughterhouses, industry and laboratories


e reader pantalla

Industry and Farm applications


•  Quality controls before processing your tank
•  Assure that your product complies with legal requirements
•  Avoid difficulties in fermentation processes


•  Test individual cows or tank
•  Add value to your milk and gain the dairies trust
•  Avoid contaminated product
•  Avoid penalties and costs of milk destruction


e reader industry and farm aplications


Assay procedure

assay procedure veterinary residues in food e reader2




e-Reader & Eclipse

• Internal validation: published in Food Analitical Methods, Mata et al, 2016publicaciones e reader

• External validation: Reference Laboratory in Belgium (ILVO)


 e-Reader & Explorer

publicaciones e reader 2• Internal validation: Food Additives & Contaminants, Mata et al, 2014

• External validation: Reference Laboratory in Belgium (ILVO) and

reference Laboratory in Spain (CNA)



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