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Consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of consuming a safe, sustainable and healthy product. In many cases, they also demand products that make their lives easier, that adapt to their way of life. Innovation in the fruit and vegetable sector is making it possible to offer a wide variety of solutions such as frozen vegetables and fruit, ready-to-eat cut vegetables and fruit, complete salads, creams, etc. This challenge implies new commitments to food safety.
The uniqueness of each operator’s products and industrial processes must be taken into account when choosing the analytical solution that best responds to these circumstances.
The manufacturer may have little time because the shelf life of his product is short. A quick and easy test for allergen control will allow immediate release of the product to the market and ensure compliance with labelling regulations.
Salmonella or Listeria testing should not be limited to qualified laboratory facilities. An analysis of the product on the day of production, an in-situ control of the surfaces, will help to release the product earlier or to have key information for the control of pathogens in the plant. And this can be done in a simple, ready-to-use and zero-risk way.


Zeulab tests help you to make quick decisions and minimize losses when finding positive results.

El control de tu producción láctea desde tu teléfono móvil o tableta

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