IC-BUFFALO - Detection of cow's milk in buffalo's milk

Milk with high economic value is commonly adulterated with milk from species of lower cost. This adulteration is especially important for cheese makers, due to unknown milk mixtures produce changes in the final sensory properties and reduce the product quality. Besides, pure cheese cannot contain milk from other species.


The unknown mixture of milk from different species is a common fraud in Dairy sector. Buffalo’s milk is more expensive than cow´s milk and tends to be adulterated with this one of lower cost. This adulteration has been reported in high added value products commanding a premium price. The most important example is Mozzarella cheese, registered with Protected
Designation of Origin (PDO) that is only made from buffalo´s milk. IC kits are lateral flow tests for species identification of milk. IC Buffalo is a qualitative test for detection of cow’s milk in buffalo’s milk.

Qualitative test for detection of cow´s milk in buffalo’s milk
    • Simple:One-step assayic-bovino
    • Fast: Results in 10 min
    • Sensitive: 0,5% of mixure in milk
    • Specific: Detection of cow milk in buffalo milk
    • Suitable for: Milk
    • Equipment:Optional IC-Reader


Assay procedure

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